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March 01, 2022

Effective Ideas To Use Smart Lighting In Your Bakersfield Home

More than anything in your home, light bulbs around your home are a must-have. That said, are you getting the utmost from your bulbs? Why not revamp how you utilize light by mixing smart lighting technology around your Bakersfield home.

What Is Smart Lighting In Bakersfield

Let's first establish - what is a smart light? These LED light bulbs link together to the internet and allows a user total mastery over your house’s lighting. All with the use of an mobile app -- like a home security app.

Reduce the brightness of individual bulbs to any point without a dimmer switch, or glance at your mobile device to see if you accidentally left a light on. Set your lights to switch on at a predetermined time -- like after you get out of bed -- and switch off on their own when it's time for bed. You can even tweak your lights to automatically change to the perfect mood, like at 20% when you're trying to watch a movie. You can even pair your smart bulbs to Google Nest or Alexa or and control your bulbs with your voice.

Smart Bulbs Combines With A Home Security System For The Penultimate Combo

Accessibility is not the only advantage of smart lighting, though. Placing smart lighting are a fantastic way to improve your home security. Well-lit homes are a [[hindrance|impediment|deterrent] to criminals. Intruders want to obscure their identity and withhold their location in the night.

A home stocked with smart lighting can be operated by a Bakersfield automation that’s a function of a home security. You can craft light patterns that mimic natural activity inside the home, making it appear like residents are traveling from one room to another. From an outside point-of-view, unique smart light patterns provide an illusion that someone is physically in the house switching on and off those particular lights.

Where To Install Smart Bulbs

You don’t need to tweak your whole interior to use smart bulbs. In your Bakersfield home, many smart light bulbs come usable with your standard lamps and fixtures. Begin by assessing what spots you would like to make “smart” out of the gate. You do not need to swap out every single light bulb, as It's not an one-or-none situation. If you are overwhelmed by the project of smart lighting, then begin slowly and branch out from there.

High traffic locations and externally-viewable lights are the best for smart light bulbs in Bakersfield.. For starters, consider the lamps and fixtures in a living room, bedroom, or den. The idea is to illuminate a window enough for the brightness to be visible to anyone outside the home. Definitely work on shining light onto the front of your main entrance as many intrusions happen through the main door.

As for the sides of your residence, change to smart lighting around high-traffic doorways to the house. Look into lights located by all doors, whether in the front, side, or back of your residence. Don't forget the bulbs inside your garage as well. If someone enters into your home via the garage, you can flip on that garage light with a tap of a screen.

Obtain Your Bakersfield Smart Lighting With Your Home Security System

Smart lights are easy to install and simple to operate. With the guidance of a security professional, you can see ways to leverage smart light bulbs in conjunction with your new home security system. Give us a call at (661) 231-6886 or complete the form below.